We believe in treating our animals with respect.  They are our partners in the success of our business.  They are naturally raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or animal byproducts in the feed.


In 1999, the Green Leaf Hutterite Colony was established east of Marcelin, Saskatchewan.  We are a diverse and self-sufficient colony that is devoted to our culture, family and language.

In 2011 , the butcher shop opened for business.  Our Simmental Angus cattle are all raised on-site and are grain and grass fed.  Our pigs and chickens are grain fed.

Our business is growing daily so come by the Colony and see what you have been missing.



Shop:  (306) 226-2090
Jason:  (306) 466-7409
Kenny:  (306) 466-6337

We are 4 miles east of Marcelin, Saskatchewan.  Click on link below for directions.

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